Product Detail :

Italy electric-powered patient transport bed

  • Saves effort and reduces the amount of time required for transporting patients. Increase work efficiency, Save staff health.
  • Modern design, beautiful, standard, and world-wide quality
  • The bed&primes structure and materials are based on Biomaster Antimicrobials technology.
  • Can prevent and inhibit the growth of more than 50 types of bacteria.
  • The bed body size 830x2,130x560 (Width x Length x Height) mm
  • Can X-RAY pass through the entire bed Without having to move the patient down from the bed
    Maximum speed 6 km / h
  • Can drive up-down Slope up to 7%
  • Can be used continuously for 10 km per charge.
  • Support weight up to 300 kg
  • There is a parking system next to it. When transferring the patient to other beds
  • Lightweight, streamlined, flowing with automatic braking system When you let gocan adjust posture Trendelenburg, Rev Trend, Backrest, Fowler, Cardiac Position can be (Fowler, Cardiac Position for BT1420).
  • Lighting Movement is always available to guide the bed.
  • Aluminum bedside rails, folding side rails with vertical compass movement
  • Mattress cushion is Polyurethane Foam material to help prevent pressure ulcers. Waterproof and easy to clean
  • With a small oxygen tank holder and other accessories.