About Us
Company Profile
      Hospitop Equipment Co.,Ltd. was found in August 2013 after a retail drugstore called ‘Pro-Drug’ which was found in May 2017 located in Danmakhamtia district, Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Since we believe that we can improve patients’ lives better than only a retail drug store, we transformed ourselves to a medical devices importer and get connected to local health organizations.
      We gained clients trust in both before and after purchase and continue to assure them that only the best they can expect from us.
Company Structure
Hospitop Equipment Co.,Ltd. consists of experienced Sales & Marketing team, Management team who has more than 10 years experience in Thailand health organization, 6 of Customer Services and Technician team in each of Thailand regions who are more than welcome to serve our clients as well as to gain new customers and to retain old customers.
Our company has a commitment to seek for up-to-date and efficient medical devices for personal and organization purposes. We aim to reduce all the hassle and to provide the most efficient products by easiest way by more than 300 retail shops and online shops that partnered with us.
Company Commitment
Domestic Role
Hospitop Equipment Co.,Ltd aims to be one of the biggest importer of Thailand providing effective medical devices with competitive prices for individual patients and Thailand health organizations.
Good Governance Organization
We promise to look after them with all of our hearts. Not only patients’ lives that we look after but we also care about our staff. We commit to provide the best trainings, career paths and everything needed to improve their lives.
Customer Services
Hospitop Equipment Co.,Ltd consists of 6 teams of Sales & Marketing, Customer service, Technician in 6 regions of Thailand ; North, Central, South, North East, South West, West and 3 warehouses in Bangkok (Central), Kanchanaburi province (West), and Chiang Mai province (North). Moreover, we plan to have more warehouses in every region to cover the areas for faster services.
Company Vision in 2021-2023
is the number one importer of Thailand
in the importation of medical devices medical equipment used in Otorhinolaryngology (ENT),
Remote area technology, as well as a new technology of smart hospital, etc.
  • Seek for up-to-date and quality products from all around the world
  • Build trust from our partners and suppliers by selling strategy for each one of the products
  • Educate our employees in every section to be ready to service
  • Sponsor private/public hospitals and other health organizations to build relationship with them
  • Care for community by giving part of profit to public hospitals and remote health organizations
  • Be honest to our customers, suppliers and our employees
Company Mission
We strive to be one of the biggest medical devices importers in Thailand
to develop patients’ lives and well-being. As well as medical professionals to have more reliable
and more accuracy through effective devices with reasonable price
We will never take advantage of our value customers, suppliers as well as our employees
as we believe that honesty is the core to success.